The idea for BioEnergetiX began as one that felt larger than life. Something that had never been done before. Something that would change the world. The reality is that eating natural food and living physically active lifestyles was commonplace in normal daily life until the past few decades.

The HealthBEX network is our idea of being able to touch as many lives as possible and connect with those who have the passion to create a change. BioEnergetiX sparks awareness and healthy lifestyles. We are standing strong in support of the prevention of chronic disease and the promotion of healthy, high-quality community life. 

Jonathan Chapa

Lead Dietitian / Co-founder
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach


  • NCAA Division I Track Athlete


  • Two-time national raw powerlifting champion


  • Coach of four national and four state powerlifting champions

Living in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas my entire life I have witnessed first-hand the Hispanic population struggle with unhealthy behaviors. Becoming a Dietitian has allowed me to educate and lead those who want make a difference for themselves and their families.

Along with my extensive athletic and power lifting backgrounds, I have experience in the clinical and community settings as well as the private sector of consulting and meal planning. During college I gained a wealth of knowledge integrating nutritional care into various food-service and healthcare systems with the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) and Knapp Medical Center. At UTPA I worked with the Office of Border Health to secure grants from the Aetna foundation for the CHECK Project (Creating Healthy Eating Choices for Kids) which focuses on childhood obesity, community wellness, and healthful choices. I acted as the Chief Financial Officer for the UTPA 2014 Health Fair named “Generation Under Transformation”, and I’ve worked with the WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) government program, Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, and the Hidalgo Independent School District’s Food Service Management department. After graduating I began to pursue my certification in strength and conditioning to better understand the physical activity component of health and wellness.

I am currently working as a clinical and corporate Dietitian at the Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, Texas. To put myself in the position to have the largest effect on the members of my community I am pursuing graduate school and a Master’s degree in Health Administration.

Aaron Wyant

Exercise Specialist / Co-founder
  • Master of Science: Kinesiology


  • Cancer Exercise Specialist


  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Certified


  • NCAA Division I Strength & Conditioning Coach


  • 10 years Certified Personal Trainer

My fitness and wellness journey started before high school with athletics and outdoor, recreational activity. Growing up in the cornfields of Indiana left me with little choice but to play sports or to get outside and be active. This became a passion for movement and exercise that grew as I watched my dad struggle with health complications due to obesity. My dad was my athletic coach for years but was simultaneously using food as comfort for stress. He was diagnosed with type II diabetes at 38 and has spent more than fifteen years of wrestling the effects of obesity. 

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in fitness and human movement I took an internship at St. Vincent Hospital’s Sports Performance Center in Indianapolis. I worked with many elite-level athletes in strength and conditioning, sports medicine, and sports nutrition. I was exposed to a variety of sports enhancement and injury prevention programs amidst NBA and NFL athletes, Indy car drivers, Olympic gymnasts, swimmers, and divers, Olympic track and field athletes, and various collegiate and youth athletes. My particular work with the 2010 NBA Pre-Draft group led to my first position as a sports performance coach in Florida where I trained collegiate athletes and college-bound prospects at a basketball-specialized preparatory academy. I attended graduate school on scholarship as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at UTPA where I oversaw the performance training for men’s and women’s golf, tennis, basketball, track, cross country, and dance teams.

While pursuing my Master’s degree at UTPA I saw the undeniable need for health and wellness education in the general population continue to grow. I relocated to the mecca of health, fitness, and recreational activity in Northern California to learn more about how to build a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle. In addition to my sports performance and personal training background I have experience in outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, clinical weight loss and weight management, and have been a clinical guest speaker for pre- and post-operation bariatric and metabolic disease programs. I am currently working for a non-profit as a Cancer Exercise Specialist, helping cancer survivors take back control of their bodies and lives.

Raisa Rosas

Marketing / Co-founder
  • Bachelor of Science: Communications & Marketing


  • Google Certified Online Marketing Specialist


  • Native Spanish Speaker

Throughout my life I have been reminded of the effect that healthy food and exercise, or the lack thereof, can have on our lives. Witnessing first hand a close, personal friend pass away from his struggle with obesity and cancer demonstrated the widespread inaccessibility to healthy education and resources. Watching my father fight leukemia over the last fifteen years by consciously making healthy decisions led me to better understand mental discipline and accountability a healthy lifestyle requires. I believe that by communicating, informing, and influencing others to enhance their health we can make a positive change in millions of lives.

I have worked with health professionals from all around the world as a communications and marketing specialist. By encouraging others to improve their quality of life using different branches of wellness, I support communities in Mexico, South Texas, and California with health education and exercise programs. I am certified as a digital marketing specialist by IAB Europe; I studied English at the University of Texas Pan American; and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Marketing from U.A.N.L., Monterrey, Mexico. Aside from teaching fully immersive Spanish to kindergarten through fifth graders and leading community childhood health education programs, my passion lies in dance. Whether gymnastics at seven years old or fire juggling with hula-hoops and poi throughout college, expression of myself through movement has shaped my life in many ways. My goal is to inspire others to find happiness through healthy activities and community involvement.